My News Article is a made up story on someone's experience of going to the new Chic-Fil-A in town.

Oliver's Experience

Chic-fil-a is one very popular place to go-to, to get good quality place to get chicken sandwiches and other foods

Oliver loves their fries and wants the recipe to make it at home. "These are the best fries I've had at a fast food restaurant. Are you able to give me the recipe?" Oliver says. Unfortunately he was not able to get it but he enjoyed eating his fries on the way home

While Oliver was driving home, he heard a loud "STOP!" from a person on the side of the road. He was nervous and confused as he SLAMMED on his breaks. Not knowing what was happening, he looked around and found a cat in the middle of the road, laying on its side. It quickly got up and ran off. Oliver felt so bad, he thanked the guy for telling him to stop