Introducing Customers At Soul Sound

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Lucianna is one of our new customers, that has been coming in every week. She is newly interested in instruments, specifically the piano. She has no previous experience but has always loved to listen to others play. Lucianna will be starting piano lessons next week and is very interested to see how things pan out. One of her worries was the pricing of the piano she fell in love with, luckily we have sales going on this throughout January of this new year all the way up until March! Reading music came very fast and easy for Lucianna which made my staff and I very proud. Keep in touch for updates on Lucianna and her pursuing of piano.

Elvis has been with our Music Company for almost a year, pursuing his love in the clarinet. He's performed at multiple shows all around the world; NYC, Florida, California, Texas, etc. He's always nervous to perform but with our help and support, he's done a great job every time! Elvis' parents are very proud and can't wait for him to continue and study more music in College. Elvis comes to Soul Sound 3 times a week for Clarinet Lessons. He's improved so much since he first started, and hopefully will continue to do just as amazing.

Lazaro has previous experience with the guitar and taught himself how to play for 6 months. He finally decided to get Guitar Lessons and fortunately he chose Soul Sound to give him lessons. Lazaro is very quick with reading music and is a fast learner. His time and effort put into practicing at home paid off. It has helped him tremendously. He plays for his school band and loves every second of his performances. He's planning on going to College as well to study music, as his parents told him he should and how well it was fit him.